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Clever jumper to a hat design. Short listed for the International Hat Designer of the Year last year.

1940s style close fitting hat from lambs wool or Cashmere made from jumpers with stunning vintage buckle. Each one comes with a lavender bag which you can tuck inside when not in use.


The inspiration for this design comes from not wanting to part with the two lambs wool jumpers my son came with when we adopted him. So when he grew out of them a hat they became. I want to keep memories alive through fabric by incorporating cherished items.

To commission one:
Send your jumper to me. (Ideally the thinner lambs wool ones work best and with a rib at the bottom) and with a wave of my wand I'll post you back a green glamour hat. One medium to large jumper makes one hat and one pair of fingerless mitts. I need your head size i.e. Large , Medium, Small and any buckle preference and return address and cheque just email where to send jumper or alternatively buy one from my collection.


Children's with flower 14
Adult hat with buckle 34
Adults using your own jumper 28
Mitts with optional lace trim 8

P&P 3.50

Have a look at my gallery page to see items for sale.

Feel good, be green be glamorous.

All materials are sourced with consideration for the environment.